Request to Mother Nature – about wasps and hornets

When I was a kid I had an incident with wasps.  It was a strange incident.  We were playing in a field next to our house and unbeknown to us some men doing work on the hedges of the field had disturbed some wasp nests.  I was at the top of the field and my brother and friends suddenly started screaming and running to the gate to leave the field.  Not knowing what was happening I just felt very afraid and decided I should also run from the field.  The quickest direct route to the gate was through those “nats” there……. of course they weren’t nats and as I ran straight into the swarm of wasps I tried to stop running, fell and sat screaming and waving my hands around as the swarm buzzed around me.  Oddly though….not one of them stung me.  The man who ran in to rescue me however was stung from head to toe, as were my brother and friends.  I conclude in retrospect that I either smell like horrid poop to wasps…or I am indeed the wasp queen!

Anyway, I have been terrified of wasps ever since and at the age of 50…have still never been stung.  I suppose the things that fear us most are the things we don’t know.  And here in France we also have Asian Hornets, which are pretty huge, can be aggressive if disturbed and could potentially kill.

Actually, I more fear for my dogs or that hornets will nest in the house.  I fear for my partner who will be clearing scrub this summer.  I am fully aware that perhaps I should be working on a spell to relieve my fears rather than to remove the thing I fear…but as I include in my request – I am new here, this is a very new space for us and I suppose I am asking for an easy intro to this new life in this one particular aspect.

So, my motivations explained I will now move on to how I prepared and conducted my request.

First I gathered and prepared the resources that I was going to use and also wrote the request out in advance.

Before I left the UK I found an old wasp nest in the hedge and before it got too destroyed by the weather I rescued some of it and dried it.  When I came to France we discovered a piece of hornet’s nest in the garden where it had fallen from a tree at the end of the season last year.  I dried the hornet’s nest in my new de-hydrator.  Both of these items I felt would be excellent elements for this request/spell.  Bringing intention right into the spell and also relating back to the idea that both wasps and hornets will not nest in the same place twice (apparently).

I sourced some tourmaline chips online that I wanted to include in the spell but I always have concerns about stones and crystals that have undergone trauma in processing.  So I tend to go for natural, uncut and unpolished stones.  This chips may have come from a working process…and the thought of the level of trauma that would have been put on the Tourmaline could have been huge.  So I wanted to wash the stones in the river.  Washing not dirt but the energy, washing away any trauma these stones have been through.

The full list of resources included:

  • Black candles
  • Black salt
  • Quartz
  • Hornet nest
  • Wasp nest
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Yew springs
  • Bay Leaves
  • Incense burning of Rosemary, Pine Needles, Ginger, Turmeric, garam, Frankensense, Sage
  • Soft relaxing music

I chose to conduct the request/spell in my “witchy shed”.  The river runs right by it and you can hear the water in the video in the background.  I also have a small fireplace in there so I lit a fire – it was lovely and warm and comfortable.  It was dark (around 8.30pm – 9.30pm) and was a waning moon in February.

Here is the full prep and request.

You can’t hear very well what I am saying so here is the full text:

Thank you Mother Nature for this beautiful space I have been blessed to be in,
Thank you for the beautiful trees, the moss at their feet, the wonderful feel of their bark and the sun on their branches and leaves.
Thank you for the water, how it dances over the rocks, how it flows and sweeps away the negative and brings forth the new, the fresh, the positive.
The birds as they flit and fly and they fill the sir with song, thank you for the joy they bring.
The earth as it holds me, and feeds the beautiful plants and flowers, the herbs and gifts of healing that it brings forth.
The creatures, those I have seen and those I have not seen, they hide but I know they are there. Thank you for allowing us to share their space.
The insects, the pollinators, the butterflies, and also those that I struggle with, I thank you.

And here I make a request. I ask you Mother Nature, and I know it is an ask that you may feel unfair. I ask that you see through the words and understand from my heart why I ask you of this thing.

The wasps and the hornets, Mother Nature, I know they have their place in this world as much as any other. I know that they go about their business as wasps and hornets do and it is not my right to interfere with their natural way of being. I ask not because of any right though. I ask because I fear. I fear from both a place if the irrational and the rational. I fear for my darling babies, Treacle and Bluebelle, I fear they will be harmed in their innocence if they meet with a wasp or hornet in an unfortunate situation. I fear for D****** while he is clearing and healing the land. I fear for the bees – both the wild bees and any bees that we might welcome into our space in the future. And I fear for myself Mother Nature – you know who I am in relation to the wasps – whether I am nobody or somebody you know. It is a surge of painful fear I feel – stops my breath and spikes my skin.

And so I ask from my heart, please to guide the wasps and hornets away from this space to a more welcoming space. To somewhere they are free to be what they are without my painful fears affecting their existence and ours. Let them know that this is not a space to occupy – this is a space to wander by and to seek other spaces to live in peace. I ask this with love even though it comes from my fears – I hope you will see the good place that it comes from in my heart.

I place my intention into these bottles to remind the wasps and hornets of this wish for them to live in peace elsewhere. I place the strength of protection upon these bottles, and I place the intention of love upon them. Let these bottles strengthen the message that this is not the place to settle and that the wasps and hornets are encouraged to move on to another space. Let the contents and the intention with which they have been made, the peace that fills this air in this moment – the smells and the charms and the magic. Let it all flow into the air and the energy around it giving off this strong but peaceful message to fly on by and not to linger here.

Maybe in time I will be able to ask for help to overcome my fear rather than keep them away – but I am new here, we are new here, this is all new and so I ask this please, Mother Nature, accept this request with my love.

Afterwards I sealed the bottles with wax and tied cord to them.  I’ve place one at each North, East, West and South border of the garden and one on the house.

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