Bless this home

This is all very new to me and very much an exploration.  I’d been wanting to make an alter and blessing/protection spell for the new home for a few days now and today I gathered together some things to do it.  I wanted to also include some inclusiona nd intention to also honour Imbolc and Brigid as Imbolc is just a few days away.

First up I wanted to make some black salt from the ground ashes from my burnt insence and some regular white salt.  I didn’t have a pestle and mortar handy so I used what I could find, which was a stone and shell.  Once ground I also added some ground cinnamon (I couldn’t get sticks locally at the moment – I would have preferred to have some cinnamon sticks on the altar).

Two pieces of quartz had called out to me on a walk a few days ago along a path near to our house so I took those to include in the altar.  I washed them in the river – not to cleanse them of dirt but to wash away any negative energy and to energise them with the fresh flowing water of the river.  I then dried them by placing them on the wood burner – something that I also felt might connect them to Imbolc – the fire festival.

I found a terracotta tray that would do well to place things on for the altar, wenr into the garden to collect a few leaves and also founda rather cool candle holder that allowed me to put the black salt underneath the candle, so I had a couple attempts at the altar until I was happy with it.

The cards that I used are from a deck called “Spiritsong Tarot”.  Yesterday I attended a Jungian Tarot gathering online and learned a little about Decans (a way to classify the smaller segments of the astrological signs) and we looked at the cards which correspnd to the current decan, which was the 5 of swords (feathers in this deck) accompanied by The Star and The Empress.  Interestingly, at the start of the meeting we were invited to pick a card for ourselves and mine happened to be the 5 of swords (feathers) – it was intereting to me that this card turned out to be the current decan card.

A couple days later on Imbolc, I decided to repeat the blessing but this time with a blessing I’d written of my own:

Bless this house and the space around it
Bless those who reside and those that visit

Full of peace and love this home be
From inside the walls to out in the trees

The windows the walls, the floors and the doors
The gardens and trees no stress to be caused

The water that flows takes away any pain
Whether sun shines or snow falls or rain

Only the light sees the soils around this home
And all the creatures and beings that here roam

Home and land be fruitful and safe and with love
Free from all burden and fears, even those un-dreamed of

Protect this home and the lands surrounding
Protect the people and animals here with grounding

No evil can befall in this home of new starts
Only love and abundance filled in and from our hearts

On this day of Imbolc I raise a breath in honour
Asking Brigid to protect us from this day forward

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