A new start – Voie Verte

As an opening post I should explain a little about what this site is about and why it exists.

It’s about a journey …..perhaps many journeys….certainly transitions of many kinds.

First up – we (Julala and Dennis) have just made a huge move in our lives.  We’ve sold up in the UK and moved to France!  Dennis has been living in the UK since 2012 (he’s Dutch) and I have been living in the UK all my life.  For me, to sell up my house and many of my belongings and move to anohter country, where I don’t speak the language well, was a bold move for sure and 10 day in I confess to having felt quite overwhelmed at times.  So why move?

A number of reasons:

As we were getting older we were both feeling a pull towards getting back to nature.  Both from an animal world background, we’d both been drawn away from nature in our lives and towards technology in the nineties and noughties.  Dennis worked as an IT engineer and I had worked in Education Technology and later Virtual Worlds.  Now, we felt, was a good time to allow nature back into our lives – and France offered that opportunity – where property with land was accessible to our budget.  So here we are looking to get back to nature and also to start living in a more eco-friendly way.

Green living will be one aspect of this site – looking at how we can live in a more ecologically-friendly and self-sustainable way.

I have been working as a counselling therapist for several years in the UK and part of that particular journey has awakened a more spiritual aspect to my life.  When I say spiritual I speak in terms of “something outside of myself” rather than any dogma of kinds.  Something that has been really sparking my interest and enthusiasm is Green Witchery – based around nature and healing.  Taking some of my skills as a counsellor and opening up to energies outside of myself and welcoming the power of nature in to my practice.  So this will be another aspect of the site.

Bringing these two elements together we will also be looking at how we can adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle and so we will be looking at how cuisine will play a part in our journeys.  I suspect some of my ideas will certainly not be the norm and not 100% healthy but will provide a healthier compromise perhaps.  I will be exploring herblogoy as part of this aspect.

So, in essense this site will be a mixture of eco, garden, green-witchery, health and well-being and cuisine – all with a flavour of Voie Verte….the “Green Way”.  Hope you enjoy the journey too!

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