If you Google “Animism” you’ll see a number of similar definitions and perhaps you’ll think “ah….ok…”.  But as with many ideas that are considered “non-normative” in this modern world there is often a micro (or macro) bias attached to many of the definitions and texts about a subject.  So, if you would like to understand animism take a look at all of those definitions, descriptions and texts and you may find this podcast episode rather interesting:

Animism is Normative Consciousness

My understanding of Animism is that we are all one.  That broken down into our most basic form we are all hydro-carbons, elements.  We are the same as the Oak, the Oak is the same as the deer, the deer is the same as the earth.  Seamless and not separate.  When we hurt another, we hurt ourselves. When we celebrate another we celebrate ourselves.  When we care for ourself, we are caring for the world and vice versa.

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